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I'm starting to feel like me again

I've lost 3 stone 12lbs and I'm feeling so much healthier & happier. I've also met the most amazing community.


Confidence through all trimesters

I went from feeling really scared to workout, to having the knowledge, trust and confidence in pregnancy.


Keeping me & baby as healthy as possible

I can pick and choose from a variety of workouts depending on my ever-changing mood and they make me feel great.


Strong for labour

Cannot thank RWB enough for keeping me active throughout pregnancy. Exercising helped me relax & get my mind strong for labour.


Amazing way to ease me back into exercise

I started RWB as soon as I found out I was pregnant and now it's a great way to fit in exercise around my little one.


Never feel alone with a community of mums just like you

From other users to our ambassadors and pregnancy experts, RWL is full of mums and mums-to-be who join you on the journey and pick you up when you’re down.

Expertise you can trust, for the confidence to prioritise you and your baby

Our team of PT’s, lactation and parenting experts, GPs, midwifes and nutritionists are here for you.


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Cecilia Harris

Co-founder & Head PT



Personal Trainer


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Nutritionist & PT



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Personal Trainer

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Pre-natal: a safe way to workout

Enjoy unlimited access to RWL’s prenatal experts, GPs, midwives and personal trainers along with hundreds of nutritious, delicious recipes and safe pregnancy exercises for every trimester.


We know pregnancy changes your mood and energy levels, so we offer pregnancy workouts of different intensity levels, lengths and even guided walking so you can match your exercise to your mood.

Post-natal: restore yourself after baby

New mummas, your body has grown a new life – now is the time to restore yourself, safely and effectively from the inside out. With help from post-natal experts, GPs, nutritionists and personal trainers

Reap the benefits of our postnatal programme designed to work around you and your new baby with short workouts, speedy mum meals & expert support.

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30 days for just £1

Get access to everything for just £1. Sample your first workout, meal and resource straight away.

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From your trimester, favourite workouts and food preferences, your dashboard is all about you.

Then £19.99 a month

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Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 a month.

Everything you need, just £1 for the first 30 days




30 days for just £1

Get access to everything for just £1. Sample your first workout, meal and resource straight away.

Your personalised plan

From your trimester, favourite workouts and food preferences, your dashboard is all about you.

Then £19.99 a month

Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 a month.

Step1 Get your free plan

From your body type to favourite workouts and food preferences, RWL plans are about you and your goals

Step2 30 days for just £1

After seeing your plan and sampling your first workout, recipe and resource, get full access for just £1

Step3 £19.99 a month

Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 a month.

A plan that changes with you through pregnancy into motherhood

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Fibre rich foods during pregnancy 🤰🏾 

Eating fibre during pregnancy can help manage your weight, help you prevent constipation steady out the blood sugars if you develop gestational diabetes & more 🌟 

While a balanced diet in pregnancy is optimal, not everyone can stomach a variety of foods so here are 10 suggestions that hopefully might suit you if you’re feeling nauseous 👆

It’s important to note that while fibre is beneficial, it’s also essential to drink plenty of water when increasing fibre intake, especially during pregnancy 💧 This helps prevent dehydration & ensures that fibre can do its job effectively in the digestive system. 

If you have specific dietary concerns or questions during pregnancy, consult with your GP, midwife or healthcare professional.

⏩ Follow @resultswithbump for more

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Yes... you CAN lift weights safely throughout your pregnancy!

If you want to continue training your body using weights it is not only completely safe but also hugely beneficial to exercise with resistance throughout your pregnancy 👆 

Moving your body in pregnancy has so many benefits but you can also use your workouts to prepare your body for life once baby arrives 👶 

Use weights with confidence by following expert pre-natal trainers who will guide you through pregnancy friendly warm ups, workouts and cool downs to have you feeling empowered, healthy and ready for labour

Results With Baby has weights workouts for every trimester as well as multiple strength styles including Dumbbells, Pilates & Barre 

🔗 Click the link in our bio to access your first 4 weeks for just £1 

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It’s happened. I’m not young any more 🤣🥺

#quoteoftheday #rwlfitties #motherhood
House move… done ✅🏠
“I was at my unhappiest in lockdown 2020 - something had to change!” 😔👎

Although Becky had been an RWL member for years before lockdown, the change in lifestyle & routine had a huge impact and she knew something needed to change…

“I drew a line and restarted working on my fitness & nutrition ahead of my wedding. I was in an amazing place of consistency but most importantly LOVING it - such a huge change in mindset.

“After the wedding I fell pregnant & followed @resultswithbump throughout my pregnancy, transitioning into the postnatal programme once the time came - having an active & healthier pregnancy made such a huge difference to the experience 🙏🏻

“Now I’m back to work I’m rejigging my routine to make sure I can become the fittest & healthiest version of myself even with a full time job & 2 kiddies to look after!” 🫶

➡️ Unlock an exclusive £1 sign up offer today on our stories 

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When will we stop commenting on a woman’s choice about how to approach her postpartum journey? 🤯 

Professional Dancer & new mum @jmanrara was mum-shamed after posting a clip of her working out 12 weeks after giving birth. She said: "It’s scary to get back into training after so long because my body has definitely changed since Lyra, but I would not have it any other way!" 

Whilst Janette received lots of praise for sharing this step in her journey, others were more critical when commenting - something we have seen with many other celebrity mums returning to exercise such as Lucy Mecklenburgh, Gemma Atkinson & Chloe Madeley.

At RWL, we support women on every step of their journey, however they choose to approach their postpartum journey. If you want to get back into regular exercise, we’re here to support you in a non-pressure environment to take that step safely, and at your own pace. If you don’t, then that’s your decision and that’s also absolutely okay!! 

Are there huge benefits to postpartum exercise, once safe to start? Yes!! But for some women, that’s not on their agenda for much longer than 12 weeks postpartum, and there shouldn’t be any pressure for that.

Equally, if a new mumma wants to get back to exercising for their physical and mental health, then let them do so without judgement or malicious comments thrown their way! 👸🏽 

Women support women - no matter what! 👏 

#motherhood #postpartumjourney #postpartumunfiltered #postpartumfitness #postnatalfitness #postnatalexercise #mumclub #rwlfitties #motherhoodunplugged
High protein family friendly meal 🍝

Hit your own goals whilst eating with the whole family with our new Chicken & Tomato Orzo recipe 🤤 

One pan diners are the ultimate fuss free week day meal idea. This one is packed with protein, ready in just 20 minutes! Plus, one pan meals require less washing up - get on it, kids 😉 

🔗 Unlock an exclusive £1 offer using the link in our bio and get immediate access to over 1000 recipes 

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To everyone in that sleep deprivation stage… we see you & you’re doing an amazing job 🙏🏻

#quoteoftheday #sleepdeprivation #sleepdeprivedmama #motherhood #rwlfitties
55lbs & 4 dresses down 💥🔥 

Single mum, Hollie, has been part of the @rwl family for almost 2 years now 🫶🏻

We are so proud of her achievements and her stats are super impressive but what Head PT @resultswithcecilia is most proud of is something you can’t physically see…

“I am proud that even against adversity she stayed consistent and totally changed her lifestyle for good. Her big why is gaining her power back and as a single mum, she wants to lead by example for her son 🙌🏻

“Mindset is key and when you reach rock bottom there is only one way and that is UP.”

🔗 Click the link in our bio to access an exclusive £1 offer 🤩 Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

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15 minute prenatal workout for all trimesters 🤰🏾🔥 

Sometimes, a short blast of exercise is exactly what you need to make you feel strong, powerful & energised - especially during pregnancy!

Pregnancy hormones can zap the energy out of us & leave us feeling out of touch with ourselves, and sometimes our body. This 15 minute workout is not only amazing for your body - but your mind 🙏🏻

Complete each move for 45 seconds then take 15 seconds rest (on move 2, compete 30 seconds per side instead). Complete 3 rounds & take 1 minute rest between each 💪

This workout is perfect for whatever stage of pregnancy you are at, and you can make it more comfortable for your growing bump on the squats by staggering your foot position to accommodate bump (see our previous reel “squats for each trimester”) 👌🏻 

🔐 Access home workouts for all trimesters & expert advice including antenatal classes, nutrition support, breastfeeding & sleep support inside Results With Baby on @RWL - £1 for 30 days using the link in our bio 

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During pregnancy, it’s important to get an adequate intake of iron to support the increased blood volume & development of your  baby 🤰🏾 

Here are some foods that are good sources of iron for pregnant women… 

🥩 Lean red meat & lean poultry are a great source of heme iron which is very easily absorbed by the body

🍊 Drinking orange juice with your iron-rich foods or including foods rich in Vitamin C such as bell peppers, kiwi or mango alongside them, can enhance the absorption of non-heme iron

🐟 Fish is a great source of iron - just be aware that it isn’t safe to consume too much mercury in tinned fish or certain fresh fish

🫘 Legumes such as chickpeas, lentils & black beans are great plant-based sources of iron, as are tofu & other soy-based products.

🍽 Quinoa is not only a source of iron but also packed with other essential nutrients & dark leafy greens like spinach are also rich in iron. They also contain Vitamin C, to enhance iron absorption.

When morning sickness hits, it can be hard to get these foods in your diet so here’s some snack ideas to graze on… 

🥜 Almonds, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds

😋 Dried Fruit like raisins, apricots & prunes

🥣 Some breakfast cereals are fortified with iron making them a convenient option for pregnant women. So don’t feel guilty if all you can manage is a bowl of cereal, especially when many milks are also fortified! Perhaps choose a plant based milk as calcium-rich foods (e.g. dairy products) can inhibit iron absorption, so it’s advisable to avoid consuming calcium-rich foods at the same time as iron-rich foods.

➡️ Some of us may require iron supplements so always consult with a healthcare professional for personalised guidance on your dietary needs during pregnancy

Follow @resultswithbump for more tips & expert information like this 

#pregnancy #pregnancyjourney #pregnancytips #pregnancydiet #pregnantlife #mumtobe #iron #rwlfitties
Congratulations to RWL Trainer @rochelle_jadept who is expecting a baby🤰🏾

Guess what that means?? Look out for Rochelle’s face inside the Results With Baby workout bank in the next few months 🤩 

#mumtobe #pregnancyworkout #bumpwatch #prenatalfitness
Forever thinking of ways to avoid sharing with the kids 👀🙊

#motherhoodunplugged #quoteoftheday #rwlfitties
Week 1 of Beats & Burn* ✅ I forgot how hard some of those workout were… my poor arms!! 💪🤣 

Summer is crazy with all the days out with the kids and a different routine, plus we are packing to move house, so I really needed this new plan launch to kickstart my motivation again with short, manageable & fun workouts 4 times a week - it’s time to prioritise ourselves again!! 

All the workouts are just 20 minutes long & the plan includes Pilates 🔥 Weights 🏋🏻‍♀️ Dance 💃 & Combat. 🥊 I really hope these upbeat workout styles make you fall in love with home fitness either for the first time or all over again 

I’ve also added a collection of 20 minute recipes to the plan to make hitting your nutrition goals even easier 🙏🏻 
My VIP community has now closed BUT you can still sign up to Beats & Burn - the programme will be available 24/7 on demand inside the @RWL app for all members to complete 🙏🏻 

Simply click the link in my bio & sign up today and you’ll get access to an exclusive £1 sign up offer - don’t forget to tag me in your stories when you get going!! 

*this plan is not pregnancy friendly & should not be started less than 3 months postpartum - please start your postpartum journey with our Results With Baby workouts 

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What results you can expect to see in just 6 weeks?! 🔥👀 

Take a look at this amazing 6 week member transformation- all achieved with our home workouts & recipes on the Summer Shred programme inside the @RWL app 👉

Andrea is an incredible 5kg down in 6 weeks! In just 6 weeks you can get results, change your mindset and feel stronger both mentally and physically - just like Andrea 🤩💪

“I was already super proud with what my body had accomplished by growing & birthing my daughter, but now I’m even more in awe with it on how it has recovered postpartum - allowing me to complete the Summer Shred programme once safe to do so! Not only do i feel like I have my physical fitness back on track but my mental fitness also. ✨

“I want to give a huge shout out to trainers Nancy & Ben for keeping me motivated for the past 6 weeks and making the journey a fun one!” 💛

🔗 It’s not too late to sign up to our 6 week Summer Shred programme - click the link in our bio to unlock your first 4 weeks of this 6 week plan for just £1 😱

🚨 This programme is not suitable for pregnancy or the immediate postpartum period - head to the Results With Baby section of the app for workouts & expert advice for all three trimesters & your postpartum journey 

#RWLSummerShred #RWL #RWLFitties #beachbody#weightlifting #weighttraining #womenandweights #holidaycountdown #weightloss#fatlossjourney #homeworkouts #accountability #motivation#fitnessfriends
Why are we still questioning mums breastfeeding in public? 🤯

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world, but recently there’s been a lot of reports & experiences shared on social media of women being made to feel uncomfortable, ashamed & unwelcome for breastfeeding in public 

One incident detailed a mother being asked not to feed in a coffee shop, another women was tutted at by a fellow customer in a cafe & one mother was asked to LEAVE for breastfeeding without a cover over herself & her baby 😡 

However a woman chooses to feed her child, she should feel comfortable to do so in her daily life without judgement or fear. You are encouraged to do so and protected by UK law! It is your right to breastfeed in public if you want to.

If you’re nervous to do so, look for places with that actively support breastfeeding in public - often displaying a sign in a window or on a notice board inside 

The NHS & NCT websites have some great tips for breastfeeding in public comfortably, should you wish to read them or feel uncomfortable with the idea 🙏🏻 

We would love to hear your thoughts & experiences on this 👇

#breastfeeding #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingjourney
Tight on time but fancy a nutritious, delicious breakfast? Try our brand new Frittata Bagels recipe 🤩

A speedy, but still delicious, breakfast idea to make at home! This breakfast can be batch cooked for the week in just 20 minutes, meaning all you’ll have to do each morning is pop it in the airfryer & go 👏

This is also perfect for that one-handed eating stage during the first six months (or more 😉) of your little ones life! 

💡 Top tip - raid your fridge to use up any leftover veggies and herbs for the frittata & save pennies buying fresh ones 

Access hundreds of speedy mum meals inside the @RWL app - click the link in our bio to unlock an exclusive £1 offer

#breakfastinspo #breakfastinbed #breakfastinspo #quickmeal #healthyliving #healthyrecipes #rwlfitties #familyfood #healthrecipes #healthyliving
Squat variations for pregnancy - train with confidence with Results With Baby 👶 

As your bump grows through the three trimesters of pregnancy, you absolutely CAN continue squatting in your workouts, but you might want to make some adjustments to your positioning for comfort & safety 

RWB Trainer & Mum-of-three, Elaine, demonstrates how to widen the feet in the squat position as your pregnancy progresses to accommodate your growing bump AND help with balance 🙏🏻 

By adjusting your squats as your pregnancy develops, and with the presence of the relaxin hormone in pregnancy from trimester 2, you can make your workouts more comfortable & hopefully keep active for as long as possible - or even right you to your due date! 🤩

RWL Trainer @jennyfrancis23 has previously spoken about the benefits she noticed from keeping active during her pregnancy…

“Carrying a baby, breastfeeding, squatting up and down while carrying babba, standing up from sitting down with a sleeping babba… all while recovering from child birth, there is no doubt that I would have found it all a lot harder (physically and mentally) if I hadn’t kept my body moving during the 9 months I carried a baby.” 

To train with confidence & expert guidance throughout your pregnancy and postpartum journey, sign up to Results With Baby today (inside the @RWL app) 🔐 Click the link in our bio to access an exclusive £1 offer 

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Always sounds fun at the time… 🏖🤣

#parenting #motherhoodunplugged #quoteoftheday
Pregnancy friendly barre workout 🩰🔥 

Barre workouts are gentle on the joints, build strength & endurance and can help reduce common aches & pains during pregnancy. Have you tried them yet?? 

Complete each of these Barre moves for 45 seconds & take 15 seconds rest. Repeat this circuit 3 times using weights which are challenging for YOU for a full workout that’ll bring the burn 🔥 Make sure all movements are slow & controlled for maximise effect 

➡️ Access a range of Barre workouts for all 3 trimesters on Results With Baby 🔐 Unlock an exclusive £1 offer today using the link in our bio 

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We love seeing your workout clips featuring bump 🤩

Lucy has kept active with Results With Baby throughout her pregnancy (minus the worst morning sickness weeks 🤢) & is reaping the benefits… 

“I’m 30 weeks pregnant now & my favourite workouts have been the LIIT workouts with Jenny!! These workouts are definitely for the higher energy days & make me feel amazing. When my energy isn’t quite at the LIIT level, I always choose Pilates - these workouts have been amazing for my back pain 👏

“I’ve really noticed the benefits of staying active in pregnancy. Exercising a few times a week makes me feel like I’ve managed to keep a bit of myself at a time of such huge change to my body. It’s also really helped my digestion, hip & back pain (which I get most days in trimester 3). Once I do a workout, I feel some relief 🙏🏻

“It’s still not spoken about how much exercise helps your mental health too!! It’s really helped lift my mood & manage the hormonal change of pregnancy - basically, it’s kept me sane!” 😉 

Access workouts for all trimesters of pregnancy & your postnatal journey with Results With Baby on the @RWL app 🔐 Unlock an exclusive £1 offer using the link in our bio today

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A shift in social media in recent years has seen new mums finally opening up about the struggles of the newborn stages & seen us sharing a more honest motherhood journey online 🙏🏻

At Results With Baby, we love this change & seeing a more honest representation of motherhood, which is so different for every mumma! It’s so important to see that you’re not alone in however your motherhood journey pans out 🫶🏻 

Molly-Mae Hague welcomed her first child, Bambi, in January & has confessed on a new YouTube video that reflecting on videos from the first few weeks of motherhood has got her emotional…

“I was home alone with Bambi and she was only a couple weeks old. She was literally screaming and crying, she had colic.

“I think seeing that little video clip made me really reflect on how ridiculously far I’ve come and how genuinely as weird as it sounds I wasn’t sure I was ever going to feel happy again. That’s how hard I found the first few weeks.

“I don’t want to sound like a broken record as you know I have spoken about motherhood a lot and how I found it a lot harder than I thought I would but I just want to say to those others mums out there that have that young, newborn screaming baby and you’re finding it really, really hard. I know I’ve said it so many times but I just want to reiterate it, I promise you it gets so much easier.

“I’d say only now am I really experiencing what I believed motherhood would look like and Bambi’s nearly seven months old.”

Do you like to hear celebrities sharing a more honest motherhood journey? Let us know 👇

#motherhood #firsttimemum #mumblogger
The ultimate fuss free fakeaway 🤤

Packed with 54g protein and ready in 20 minutes, the @RWL Chicken Yakisoba makes the tastiest weekday fakeaway 👌

Download my new Fuss Free Cooking ebook and get instant access to 60 delicious recipes, including this one 🤤 My ebook will make planning & cooking meals at home so much easier! 

🏠 Meals for the whole family
🌯 Prep ahead meal ideas
🧁 Tasty snacks to make at home
🖐 5 ingredient meals
🍳 One pan meals
🍛 Slow cooker meals

Including helpful tips to help plan & prep your food each week, taking the pressure off those busy days

Plus you’ll be able to unlock my bonus cooking videos so you can cook along with Lydia & I

Head to the link in my story to grab yourself a copy of my new ebook & enjoy fuss free cooking that the whole family will love 🙏🏻

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Beats & Burn will fit perfectly into your busy routine, just like it does for Becky! 👏🙌 

Becky is a busy mum of two with a full time job - but this September she’s putting herself first 💥 

This plan has been designed to fit into ANY routine. With workouts just 20 minutes long, speedy family friendly recipes & a group of likeminded women supporting you along the way, Lucy Mecklenburgh brings you the ultimate RWL programme for busy mums 💪

With Beats & Burn, you’ll experience the ultimate fitness routine right in the comfort of your own home with fun, high-energy workouts including Dancefit, Pilates, Combat & Weights to Music 🎶🔥 

With the summer holidays nearly over and the kids going back to school soon, it’s your time to shine and prioritise your general well-being with Lucy Mecklenburgh & her team.

Whether it’s weight loss, boosting your motivation, or staying accountable, we’ll achieve it together 🤗 

This brand new plan designed by Lucy Mecklenburgh launches in just 1 week - start planning now by joining Lucy’s exclusive VIP community inside the for just £1 using the link in our bio

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Sorry, what are restful evenings?! 😴 

#quoteoftheday #parentproblems #parentlife #rwlfitties #motherhoodunplugged
Wishing RWL co-founder Lucy Mecklenbugh the happiest of birthdays 🥳 

With just 10 days to go until the launch of Lucy’s brand new plan, Beats & Burn, on @RWL & our 10th birthday celebrations this year, it’s certainly been one to remember! 👏 

#birthdayvibes #happybirthday #rwlfitties
Surprise birthday trip 🥳 
Thank you @ryanthomas84 🥰
Craving something sweet? 🍫 

RWL’s Chocolate Crunch bars need only 4 ingredients & are perfect for getting the kids involved in the kitchen! They’re a real family friendly treat that can be prepped in advance and simply in your work or picnic bag 🧺 

Download our new Fuss Free Cooking ebook and get instant access to 60 delicious recipes, including these 🤤 Our ebook will make planning & cooking meals at home so much easier! 

🏠 Meals for the whole family
🌯 Prep ahead meal ideas
🧁 Tasty snacks to make at home
🖐 5 ingredient meals
🍳 One pan meals
🍛 Slow cooker meals

Including helpful tips to help plan & prep your food each week, taking the pressure off those busy days

Plus you’ll be able to unlock my bonus cooking videos so you can cook along with Lydia & I

Head to the link in my story to grab yourself a copy of my new ebook & enjoy fuss free cooking that the whole family will love 🙏🏻

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Lucy Mecklenburgh is currently taking on RWL’s Strength & Sculpt* programme throughout August, before the launch of her  brand new Beats & Burn plan 💪🔥

Lucy designed this 6 week programme to include breathing & stretch sessions, to help you relax and unwind both your body & mind 

These short sessions keep you connected to your body and build mental and physical strength from the inside - out 🙏🏻

Incorporating relax & recover sessions each week boosts recovery and introduces tension-relieving move into your routine. These sessions are quick & easy for you to fit around your busy life, and they’ll help boost your sleep, confidence & reset your mind! 

👉 Need motivation to pull you through the rest of summer? Join Lucy and start Strength & Sculpt inside the RWL app! Those relax & unwind sessions will feel extra wonderful if you’re juggling work and the school holidays 😉 

🔗 Waiting until after Summer to reset your routine? Reserve your space on Lucy’s brand new 6 week programme, Beats & Burn, and get early access to her VIP community for motivation ahead of launch date 

*this programme is not suitable for pregnancy or the immediate postpartum period - we recommend our postnatal programme before starting Strength & Sculpt 

 #RWL #RWLFitties #weightlifting #mindfulness #relaxation #yoga #relaxandunwind #breathing #outdoorworkout #mumoftwo #fitmum #womenandweights #homeworkouts #accountability #motivation #fitnessfriends #strengthandsculpt
Brand new Fuss Free Cooking book now available to download | AD👩‍🍳 📖 

Get instant access to 60 delicious recipes that will make planning & cooking meals at home so much easier - and so much yummier!

🏠 Meals for the whole family 
🌯 Prep ahead meal ideas 
🧁 Tasty snacks to make at home 
🖐 5 ingredient meals 
🍳 One pan meals 
🍛 Slow cooker meals 

Including helpful tips to help plan & prep your food each week, taking the pressure off those busy days 

Plus you’ll be able to unlock my bonus cooking videos so you can cook along with Lydia & I 

Head to the link in my story to grab yourself a copy of my new ebook & enjoy fuss free cooking that the whole family will love 🙏🏻 

#familyfood #rwlfitties #familyrecipes #healthyliving #healthyrecipes #mumoftwo
“Working out for me is what makes me happy, so this summer holidays I have made a promise to myself to do something for myself every day. I have two boys who are full of energy so being strong, happy, and healthy for me is really important so I can be the best mum to them.” 💜

@emma_rwl_91 is one incredible RWL mumma who’s determined to uphold her fitness and wellness routine ever since her children started their school holidays ☀️

“This summer I plan on doing something from the RWL app every day, either a workout, meditation, or one of their courses. I’m currently doing the period course and I’m really enjoying learning about my cycle.”

“I’ve been working out consistently for nearly a year now and both my boys ask me every morning ‘Mum are you doing your workout?’, so they have got used to knowing this is mums time for herself and they are happily entertaining themselves while I do 30 minutes of time to myself.”

“I manage my workouts each day by either getting up earlier if we have a busy day or if we are having a more chilled day I will just fit it in late morning.”

Need help over the summer holidays? RWL has you covered with short workouts, meal planning guidance, family-friendly healthy recipes, and lots of baking ideas for home-based fun! 👩‍👧‍👧

🔗 Unlock your exclusive £1 offer today using the link in our bio & get started on a journey to a happier, healthier, stronger you today

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Mumma, book that Retreat! ☀️ 

With just under 9 weeks to go until we open the doors to our next @resultsretreats in Portugal, this is YOUR SIGN to take the leap & secure your space onto one of our life-changing Retreats in Autumn 2023 🤩 

Taking action on that thing you’ve always dreamed of can be pretty scary & overwhelming, but it’s your time to do just that… and put yourself first! 

Put yourself first, push yourself out of your own comfort zone & take a chance on making memories of a lifetime… 

👯‍♀️ Meet like-minded women & make friends for life 
🌅Enjoy early morning walks with incredible views
🍉 Fuel your day with a nutritious & fresh breakfast
💦 Ignite your energy with 2-3 group workouts a day
🛏 The perfect place to get some rest 
🥗 Delicious dinners inspired by the RWL recipe bank
💭 Nutrition & mindset well-being talks with the experts

🔗 Head over to @resultsretreat to book one of our 2023 Retreat dates - we can’t wait, see you there!

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👇 Low calorie, high protein snack ideas - perfect for busy mumma’s who need lots of energy for growing and looking after tiny humans

🥣 Greek yoghurt is rich in protein and low calorie.. and makes a tasty snack served up with some fresh or frozen berries. 

🧀 Cottage cheese is another great high-protein option. I like to blend it into a smooth consistency and serve with veggies or seeded crackers. 

🥚 Boiled eggs are packed with protein. You can also prep them ahead of a busy day, for an easy on the go snack. 

🍗 Snacking on cooked meat like sliced chicken or ham are also a great high protein option and will help you stay fuller for longer throughout your day.

🌱 For plant based alternatives you could opt for foods like falafels, edamame beans and chickpeas. For the chickpeas, you can either roast these with some spices until they’re nice and crispy or even use these for a batch of homemade houmous! 

🥜 Nuts & seeds - although higher in calories, they are full of fibre. You could also opt for a nut butter with fruit like banana or apple. 

🐟 Rice cakes make a great base for you to add your favourite toppings. We like to top ours with tuna & black pepper which is super simple but packed with protein! 

💡 Follow @RWL for more tips!

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Here’s a sneak peak at an exciting project @lucymeck1 & @lydiameck have been working on, thats launching very soon! 👀

There’s no better days at RWL HQ than food content filming days & that’s a fact! 

Come behind the scenes on an RWL cooking day for something very exciting 🎥

Can you guess what it is?!👇

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Just when you think you’ve nailed it, you decide to have another child… and they’re not the same 🤣🙋🏽‍♀️

No matter what anyone tells you or how many children you know, nothing prepares you for parenting or how you’re going to do it. We just learn along the way, we wing it. We nail it.

Then we start all over again 😉

#rwlfitties #motherhood #mumlife #mumoftwo #quoteoftheday
Loving the sunshine ☀️

I’ve got so many beautiful summer dresses just waiting to come out but it’s felt like summer’s over already?! The last few days have been beautiful!! We got a little bit of sunshine on our recent trip to Cornwall too 👏 

We might need to bring the @resultsretreats forward so I can get some extra Vitamin D if the sun disappears again 🤣

#rwlfitties #whereissummer #holidaydreaming #sunnydays #cornwall
There’s less than 6 months left of 2023 - how are you working on your health, fitness & wellness? 🧐

Lucy Mecklenburgh has completed 6 weeks of Summer Shred workouts at home, around the kids and her busy work schedule - and YOU can do it too 💪 

Lucy’s now starting on her Strength & Sculpt programme before the launch of her brand new Beats & Burn programme on 4th September 🤩

In the next 8 weeks you could completely transform how you feel in yourself, your mood and your energy simply by putting yourself first for 25 minutes a day, 4 times a week! 

We’ve designed Summer Shred 2023 to ensure it’s easy fit into your busy day with workouts all just 25 minutes long and speedy, high protein recipes to keep you fuelled 😋 

Join the RWL community today and find your tribe - busy mums, working on themselves, for themselves 🥰 Get started for just £1 using the link in our bio

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“I have lost 3 stone in weight since joining RWL and managed to keep fit and healthy throughout both my pregnancies.” 🙌👏

Lori joined us in 2018 to lose weight ahead of trying to conceive. 2 beautiful children later, she’s still with us - fitter, healthier & stronger than ever!

“I started RWL with just tins of beans as my only equipment and my boyfriend made me a wooden step 🤣 which just goes to show you can get going with very little or no equipment at all! 💪

“Since joining I’ve completed 11 full workout programmes and hundreds of training videos! This year I took RWL to the other side of the world with me - on our family holiday to New Zealand! 🤩 and continued to train 3x per week - you can literally take the app anywhere and workout anywhere!

“Using RWL is actually more for my mental health than physical health. My youngest daughter is 19 months old now and has experienced health issues from birth. There are countless occasions where i could have thrown in the towel and turned to food for comfort, when I was struggling with watching her in pain. However, instead I turned to RWL for my 30 minutes of 'me time' a few times a week and it saved my mental health during the most difficult time of my life.” 🤗

“My biggest piece of advice to new members is to treat exercise the same way as you do brushing your teeth or hair- don't see it as an option, but as a necessity to leading a healthy lifestyle.“

🔗 Join Lori & thousands of other women inside the app community for just £1 using the link in our bio today 

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👆10 Minute Breakfast Idea 👆 

🍳 Our Savoury Eggy Bread is a breakfast that’s both comforting and convenient... ready in just 10 minutes and only using minimal ingredients! 👌 

Kick start your day with a hassle-free meal that will keep you fuller for longer with minimal effort, and one that the whole family will love! Finish with your favourite toppings to make the ultimate eggy bread combo 🤩

🔗 Access this speedy breakfast recipe FREE for 24 hours only on our story 

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🔥 Beats and Burn: with Lucy Mecklenburgh - Launching 4th September 🎶

Say goodbye to long, exhausting workouts that drain your energy, and hello to short, high-energy sessions that will leave you feeling amazing, and fit perfectly into your busy schedule once the summer holidays are over.

Beats & Burn is all about embracing variety, having fun, and prioritising yourself for just 20 minutes, to reach your goals whether it’s weight loss, boosting your motivation, or staying accountable.

What’s Included?

🎶 6-week programme consisting of 20-minute workouts, four times a week. Lucy’s handpicked four of her incredible trainers just for you who bring their own unique styles to make every workout of yours exciting and enjoyable. These include Pilates, Dance Fit, Weights to Music and Combat.

🥘 Lucy’s favourite, quick and easy 20-minute meal ideas that are family-friendly and delicious. Discover a wide range of nutritious options and a customisable meal plan to support your journey and achieve your goals.

🤝 Benefit from the expertise and accountability of Lucy’s personal Trainers inside the VIP Beats & Burn community and unlock guidance, encouragement and motivation to push your limits and achieve optimal results throughout August before launch and throughout the 6-week programme.

📈 Progress tracking throughout to celebrate your achievements and results. Tick off your workouts to keep you feeling inspired and use your personal daily food tracker to stay accountable.

Beats and Burn launches on the 4th of September, but don’t wait until then to kickstart your fitness & wellness journey this summer 👇

🔗 Secure your space for £1 & join Lucy Mecklenburgh’s exclusive VIP Beats and Burn community when you sign up today using the link in our bio. We’ll be right by your side, supporting and motivating you every step of the way throughout Summer in the lead-up to our launch & during the 6-week programme itself 💪

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There's nothing worse than having your children with you when you do the shopping… except when you arrive to find there aren't any parent and child parking spaces left!! 😡 

Often taken by other drivers without kids, parent and child parking spots are what road-rage dreams are made of 🤦🏽‍♀️

One mum sparked the debate on online forum @netmums recently, branding them as "idiots", but admitted that she's not afraid to call them out when she notices they're just being lazy as the spaces are "close to the entrance" of wherever they're visiting. 

Parent and child parking bays are found in private car parks across the country, particularly in supermarkets. The wider bays are designed to give parents enough space to manoeuvre their young children in and out of their cars. You’ll also find these bays conveniently close to the front of the car park, preventing the need for children to walk across busy areas.

A common mistake people make is thinking these spots are solely for those with younger children though - with parents of children age up to 12 entitled for use them!

While it isn’t illegal to park in a parent and child bay if you don’t have a child under 12 with you, you could be hit with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) 🚨 

So come on, be honest… is this one of those topics that boils your blood as a parent?? Share your stories in the comments below 👇

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Cherry Bakewell Blondies 🍒

Celebrate cherry season with my new fave sweet treat… They’re a combination of a cherry bakewell and blondies !! 😍 Also a great one to get the little ones involved in baking this summer whilst cherries are at their absolute best. There’s nothing better than getting messy in the kitchen and then licking the bowl… if you’re one of the kids anyway 😉

🔗 Download the RWL app for just £1 to unlock the full recipe!

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I still can’t believe last month we celebrated 10 years of @rwl 🤯

From a handful of workouts in an Essex studio to supporting thousands of women, and meeting you all at our retreats in Portugal, it’s been an incredible journey and I’m so proud of what we have created 🥂

Now the countdown begins to the launch of my next programme… not long to go 👀 🙊

#rwlfitties #rwlis10 #comingsoon #homeworkouts #fitnessgoals #fitmum #healthymum #healthyliving #healthylifestyle
👀🙊 Guilty!

#rwb #resultswithbaby #mumlife
We all have excuses, let’s stop making them 🙅🏽‍♀️ 

“Working out around a toddler isn’t always easy but with @RWL I’m able to get her involved and make it fun! I can choose a workout that suits the time I have, whether that be while she’s asleep or awake - I love being able to show her how much fun exercise can be.” 

@chel_bumpandme has been a member for 3 years now, our with our help she reached her initial physical goals AND kept fit during pregnancy and her postpartum recovery 🙏🏻

“I safely lost the 2 stone I gained during pregnancy following RWL and am stronger now than I was before, lifting 5kgs rather than 2kgs. 💪 

“The community and trainers have been amazing and have kept me motivated and consistent. RWL has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, get to know some amazing women and fit working out into my busy mum life! Exercise and cooking healthy recipes has easily become part of my life rather than a chore.”

🔗 Join the community of #rwlfitties today for just £1 for your first 30 days - link in our bio

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Take the leap and join RWL for the ultimate fitness & wellbeing getaway this October & November 2023 ☀️🥰

Head over to  @resultsretreats to be in with WINNING a space on our next retreats 🙊

Embark on an unforgettable fitness retreat and get ready to indulge, relax and create lifelong memories in this unique Portuguese paradise!

🌅 Amazing walks with stunning views
🏋🏻‍♀️ Energising workouts for strength & mobility
🥗 Nourishing food to fuel your body and your soul
💭 Nutritional seminars to curb those bad habits
🧘‍♀️ Mindfulness to find inner peace

…and leave the retreat a better, stronger you! 

We have taken all the incredible features of RWL and turned them into real life - just for you 💜

🔗 We’re over 60% full already and with only a few days until payday, it’s time for you to get ready to secure your space with only a £160pp deposit! If you don’t win the competition, of course 😉 

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Women who lose babies during pregnancy have been promised improved care, including better ways for remains to be collected and stored with dignity 🫶 

The separate independent Pregnancy Loss Review made 73 recommendations for improving care for people who experience baby loss before 24 weeks, including introducing a voluntary certificate for parents who lose their baby before 24 weeks.

There are around 500 miscarriages a day in the UK - defined as a loss of a pregnancy before 24 weeks. For many women this happens at home, with little support or pain relief.

Myleene Klass, musician and TV presenter, who lost four babies during pregnancies and campaigned for the reforms said: "I wanted to use my voice for something really powerful, but it turns out we've just gone on to move a mountain."

“With the help of @tommys no woman will have to wait for 3 miscarriages to receive help, she will have access to her GP who will sign post her to mental health support. After her 2nd, she’ll have appointments and investigations, her 3rd, consultant led, specialist care. 

“Also 24/7 Access to care, if no EPU, then a companionate ambulance or GP access. (Retraining for GPs and medical staff in line with @tommys graded model of care scheme will be the blue print for this).”

Describing the changes as one of her proudest achievements, she said women would no longer have to endure the "hell" she suffered 😢

“I wanted my children to see their mother turn her pain into power and the babies I never got to hold, to know they chose a mother who would fight to have their voices somehow heard. I never dreamed those voices would resonate into the history books and their legacy would be the most powerful of all, real change.” 🥰

#womenshealth #miscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriagesupport #miscarriagesurvivor #ttc #motherhood #rwlfitties
That right there, is THE best feeling 🙊

How is it possible to produce so much washing?! Why doesn’t it put itself away?! At what age can they start doing it themselves?! 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

#rwlfitties #motherhood #mumlife #quoteoftheday #motherhoodunplugged
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