RWL - at home fitness

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Instantly unlock 3000+ on demand home workouts designed to reach your fitness goals, lose weight and fit into your busy life, long-term.

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RWL - at home fitness

The Fitness Only countdown is on!

The Fitness Only
countdown is on!​

Don’t miss your chance to claim RWL's Fitness Only 3 Month membership offer in celebration of September's National Fitness Day 2023.


Trusted by over 480,000
women mums members

Trusted by over 480,000 women mums members

Over 3,000 home workouts for every woman and goal

Join our famous on demand home workout programmes and live sessions. Get results from just four 20 minute workouts each week.

A complete, tailored plan for guaranteed weight loss results

Based on you, we put together an easy to follow plan to achieve your happy weight and healthy lifestyle.

RWL - at home fitness

Pregnancy & post-natal

& post-natal

Safe workouts to help you and your baby stay fit, active and healthy during all trimesters, into postpartum.

RWL - at home fitness

Perimenopause & Menopause

& Menopause

Workouts with the menopause in mind to help you manage this change to stay fit, motivated and healthy.

Never feel alone with a community of women just like you

From other users to our ambassadors and expert trainers, RWL is full of cheerleaders who celebrate your success and pick you up when you’re down.

RWL - at home fitness
RWL - at home fitness

Expertise you can trust, for results that last long term.

Our team of over 40 personal trainers are here to improve your fitness levels & help you reach your goals. You can book one-to-one calls or message them in the app community for extra support.

Approved by the NHS app library

Everything you need, just £29.99 for your first 3 months

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3 months for just £29.99

Get instant access to all of RWL’s home workouts and fitness lives. Sample your first workout straight away.

Step 2

Your personal fitness plan

From your favourite workouts to fitness goals, RWL will provide you with a home fitness plan to follow.

Step 3

Maximise your results

Once you see results in your fitness, make a commitment and upgrade for recipes & mindset courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up to RWL you’ll instantly receive full access to RWL including 3000+ home workouts, 50+ structured workout plans, live workouts and an exclusive in-app community.
Your membership will continue at £29.99 billed every 3 months. This can be cancelled at any time, or you can upgrade to a 3 or 12 month full Fitness, Food & Mindset membership to unlock more incredible RWL features & save even more money.
No, you can cancel at any time if you feel like RWL is not right for you.
Congratulations! We have hundreds of Pre & Post natal fitness workouts on Results With Bump for you. All workouts have been safely designed with qualified pre and postnatal personal trainers.
If you wish to access the Pre & Postnatal educational content, this will require RWL’s full membership access and will not be accessible on Fitness Only.
Your membership includes a full support service from qualified PT’s, coaches & thousands of members to help guide you inside the private in-app RWL community.
Most of our workouts can be completed with little or no equipment. We advise as a basic start, you would require an exercise mat and a set of dumbbells suited to your weight preference. Click here to check out our shop!

You’re able to start without any equipment at all by simply substituting dumbbells and workouts involving weights, for household items such as bottles of water or tins of food.

Once you get a feel for the type of workouts you might enjoy doing, you can invest in other equipment. We offer workouts which involve kettlebells, resistance bands, sliders, skipping ropes and much more!
Yes! As part of your registration process, you’ll answer questions for us to suggest a fitness programme to achieve your desired goals.
Our fitness programmes cater for all fitness levels/abilities, exercise preferences, injuries, pre & post natal, menopause and more.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Contact our support team!

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RWL is the UK's leading online wellness platform since 2013. We are one of the only wellness apps with a CE Mark and are approved by the NHS official App Library, making RWL a Class 1 Medical Device.
RWL - at home fitness
Class 1 Medical
RWL - at home fitness
Approved by NHS
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