RWL - menopause

Manage your Menopause.
Whatever life throws at you!

Our Menopause Support Programme provides you targeted support for:


  • Weight Management
  • Mobility, strength & fitness improvement
  • Hot Flushes reduction
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Brain fog clarity
  • Anxiety and Mood swing control

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RWL - menopause


Your entire year sorted with full & unlimited access to RWL for just 26p a day

Celebrate International Women's Month and join our amazing 12 month menopause support membership

Risk free - Cancel at anytime

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If you are on the Monthly plan, you will be charged £19.99 after your 30 day free trial


4.7 from 513 Apple App Store ratings

Your menopause support program for guaranteed results

Created by our midlife fitness and wellness experts and customised to you, helping you manage your weight & menopause symptoms, re-energise, and feel more confident!

RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause

Home Workouts

Pick and choose from a range of workouts designed by experts to keep you active, lose weight and ease aches and pains. Improve your fitness, strength and mobility. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Maintain bone densityIncrease strength Healthy heartReduce aches and pains

RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause

Food plan

Follow Menopause specific recipes or weight loss meal plans, tailored to you. Take back control from emotional eating. Halt weight gain, reduce your flushes and brain fog and control your eating habits.

Quick & Easy Allergies & intolerances Anti-inflammatoryDiet coachesFatloss

RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause

Expert Content

Beat your symptoms! Advice to reduce hot flushes/night sweats, brain fog, regain energy, sleep better and improve your mental health! Learn with midlife nutritionists, fitness experts and life coaches to better understand menopause and how it effects your body.

MenopauseBanish Emotional EatingMotivationAnxietySleep issues+ more

RWL - menopause

1 to 1 guidance

Message our RWL midlife experts for help and support.

Menopause Articles Menopause Lounge Chats

RWL - menopause

Community support

Access a supportive community of thousands of women facing menopause.  Join live Q&As with our expert team.

Live chatFind members near you

Trusted by thousands of women


4.7 from 513 Apple App Store ratings


So much variety & challenge

I’m working out around my crazy life of dogs, kids and running a charity, so RWL is a lifesaver!


I'd be lost without the Menopause plan

It has given me so many life lessons and I've got the support from others; we're all in this together.


Empowering & full of knowledge

RWL & the menopause plan really helped me understand my body and what it needs during this time.


Thoroughly recommend!

The menopause knowledge I’ve learned has helped me so much, I just wish it was around when I was in my 40s! 


Home workouts specifically designed for menopause

Join our easy to follow workouts, to improve your fitness, strength and mobility, heart health and fat loss

PilatesFully BodyCardioWalk to the Beat DumbellsYogaStrength AerotoneStepHIIT

+ many more

RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause

Never feel alone with an empowering and supportive community of members just like you...

From our members to our ambassadors and expert coaches, RWL is full of cheerleaders who celebrate your success & pick you up when you’re down.

RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause

Expertise you can trust, to help you tackle menopause with confidence

Our menopause specific team of trainers, nutritionists, medical professionals and midlife coaches are here for you. Message them in the app.


Cecilia Harris

Co-founder & Head PT



Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer


Sarah Clyne

Nutritionist & PT


Jeff Spires

Life coach

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RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause

The number one choice for beating the menopause blues

As a midlife woman, you know  menopause causes all sorts of hormonal challenges, so you need a complete wellness solution that will help you balance your nutrition, fitness and mind. That’s why we’ve created the Menopause Support Group at RWL to help you take your first steps to a healthier, happier and fitter midlife.

Cecilia Harris, RWL Co-founder

Everything you need, FREE for the first 7 days




30 days for ONLY £1

Get access to everything for only £1. Try out your first workouts, recipes & menopause resources straight away.

Your personalised plan

From your favourite workouts and food preferences, we will customise a plan tailored to you & your goals.

Then £19.99 per month

Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 per month.

Step130 Days for ONLY £1

Get access to everything for £1 for 30 days. Sample your first workout, recipe and menopause resources straight away.

Step2Personalised Plan

From your favourite workouts and food preferences, RWL will customise a personalised plan tailored to you and your goals.

Step3 £19.99 per month

Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 every month.

RWL - menopause

A plan that changes with you in menopause

100% risk free ONLY £1 for your first month

RWL - menopause

A plan that changes with you through menopause

Get your plan today to make sure it’s right for you, then get the first 30 days for ONLY £1!

RWL - menopause

A plan that changes with you through the menopause

Get your first 30 days for ONLY £1 & get instant access to your personalised plan.

RWL - menopause
RWL - menopause

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Get free recipes, live workouts and insights from our expert trainers.

RWL is the UK's leading online wellness platform since 2013. We are one of the only wellness apps with a CE Mark and are approved by the NHS official App Library, making RWL a Class 1 Medical Device.
RWL - menopause
Class 1 Medical
RWL - menopause
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