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4.7 from 513 Apple App Store ratings


I lost 20 inches in 6 weeks

I couldn’t have done this without with community. It gives me time for myself to stay strong and enjoy exercising!


I’ve lost 3st 7lbs & 50 inches

I'm so chuffed that I've stayed consistent with workouts & enjoyed myself without being restrictive.


I’m 10lb down & 10 inches in 4 weeks

These short home workouts have given me life! I'm getting my confidence back and that is down to this app.


Enjoyed the home workouts & meals

In 4 weeks I'm fitter, stronger and I’ve met some amazing women who are super supportive of each other.


Lost 10lbs and 9 inches across my body

I’ve reset my cravings, can finally fit into my jeans after 2 years & I’m sharing healthy habits which are important to me!


Increased my fitness levels & feel stronger

It’s an incredible and varied workout plan with an incredible support network inside the RWL community.


New habits, positive change & self love

I've made small steps, one at a time, that have led to big results and a boost in confidence that is sustainable.


Forever grateful for making life long friends!

Thank you for helping us with our bodies, minds and soul, and creating the amazing community.


I'm proud of what I've achieved with RWL

I’m recognising the importance of continued consistency, and reminding myself how far I’ve come since joining.


I genuinely can’t see my life without

I’m happier, healthier and stronger because of RWL & their community. Thank you for creating this incredible platform.


I’ve lost 1 stone & I'm so happy

I’ve gone from the girl who looked in the mirror cried, to the girl who looks in the mirror and thinks, my body is amazing.


Lost weight & gained confidence as a mum

Finding time to exercise with 2 children is never easy, but I prioritised it for my physical and mental health.


A complete, tailored plan for guaranteed weight loss results

Based on you, we put together an easy to follow plan to achieve your happy weight and healthy lifestyle.

Workout program

Join our famous home workout programs and live sessions. Get results with just three 20 minute sessions each week.

Summer shredResults with Frankie Let’s get moving (beginners)+ loads more!

Food plan & meals

Three meals a day plus a snack customised to your goals and diet type. Easily create shopping lists and log meals in seconds.

All cooking levels Allergies & intolerances Vegan friendlyKeto & low fat500+ recipes

Mindset & knowledge

Learn with courses and lives by nutritionists and life coaches or use guided meditations and sleep stories to improve your focus.

Diet coaches StressMotivationAnxietySleep issues Period issues+ more

1 to 1 guidance

Book check-in calls with your PT, get your diet reviewed by a nutritionist or message RWL experts for help and support.

Personal trainers Qualified nutritionists Life coachesMedical experts

Community support

Access communities of women similar to you to improve your motivation and make friendships aligned to your goals.

Results with Baby The menopause loungeThe diet coachesGet life coached

Over 3,000 home workouts for every woman and goal

Join programs or pick individual workouts. All with an energising video to easily follow along.

HIITBoxerciseWeightsDance StepBarreYogaLIIT PilatesKettlebell

+ many more

Expertise you can trust, for results that last long term.

Our team of over 40 personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches and medical professionals are here for you. Book one-to-one calls or message them in the app.

Lucy Mecklenburgh



Cecilia Harris

Co-founder & Head PT


Nancy Eagle

Personal trainer



Personal Trainer


Sarah Clyne

Nutritionist & PT



Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer



Personal Trainer


Ben Clyne

Personal Trainer


Lydia Mecklenburgh

Recipe Creator


Jeff Spires

Life coach

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Track your progress and form healthy habits

Track your workouts and nutrition for useful insights. Then use our nutrition and life coaches to learn the knowledge you need to keep it up long term.

Never feel alone with a community of women just like you

From other users to our ambassadors and expert trainers, RWL is full of cheerleaders who celebrate your success and pick you up when you’re down.

Check out what’s on offer inside the app. What are you waiting for?

Take a look inside...

Check out whats on offer inside the app.

What are you waiting for?

Your guide for whatever life throws at you

Tired of unsustainable yo-yo diets? We give you the knowledge to form long term habits that improve your health and set you up for life’s challenges.

Menstrual cycles Work stressHouse movesMental health issues Christmas & events Loss & griefMental health issuesCaring for loved ones

Pregnancy & post-natal

Our pregnancy specific programs and courses help you and your baby stay fit and healthy.

Injuries & medical conditions

From muscular injuries to illness, get NHS approved advice and community support.

Perimenopause & Menopause

Our menopause programs help you manage this change to stay fit, motivated and healthy.

Everything you need, just £1 for the first 30 days




30 days for just £1

Get access to everything for just £1. Sample your first workout, recipe and resource straight away.

Get your free plan

From your body type to favourite workouts and food preferences, RWL plans are about you and your goals

Then £19.99 a month

Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 a month.

Step1 Get your free plan

From your body type to favourite workouts and food preferences, RWL plans are about you and your goals

Step2 30 days for just £1

After seeing your plan and sampling your first workout, recipe and resource, get full access for just £1

Step3 Then £19.99 a month

Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 a month.

Follow the plan, get results

Get your plan today to make sure it’s right for you, then get the first 30 days for just £1!

Follow the plan, get results

Get your plan today to make sure it’s right for you, then get the first 30 days for just £1!

Follow the plan, get results

Get your plan today to make sure it’s right for you, then get the first 30 days for just £1!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up to RWL you’ll instantly receive full access to RWL including 3000+ home workouts, 30+ structured workout plans, live workouts, 1000+ recipes, a personal daily food tracker, customisable meal plans, mindset courses, meditation tools and an exclusive in-app community.

The £1 for 30 days offer is only valid on your first payment. After 30 days, your membership will auto-renew at the monthly price of £19.99. This can be cancelled at any time, or you can upgrade to a 3 or 12 month membership to save even more money.

We also have a Fitness Only OR Food Only membership option if you wish to downgrade.

No, you can cancel at any time if you feel like RWL is not right for you.

Our Pre & Post natal programme, Results With Bump, includes workouts for all Trimesters alongside advice & knowledge from the RWL expert Midwife, baby nutritionist, sleep consultant & baby allergist & baby first aider.

Your membership includes a full support service from qualified PT’s, coaches, nutritional experts & thousands of members to help guide you.

Once you join for £1 you’ll be assigned a coach which you can contact at anytime and automatically be a part of our exclusive Welcome Community Group for even more support and guidance.

Most of our workouts can be completed with little or no equipment. We advise as a basic start, you would require an exercise mat and a set of dumbbells suited to your weight preference. Click here to check out our shop!

You’re able to start without any equipment at all by simply substituting dumbbells and workouts involving weights, for household items such as bottles of water or tins of food.

Once you get a feel for the type of workouts you might enjoy doing, you can invest in other equipment. We offer workouts which involve kettlebells, resistance bands, sliders, skipping ropes and much more!

Yes! As part of your registration process, you’ll answer questions for us to suggest a fitness programme and meal plan to achieve your desired goals.

Our fitness programmes cater for all fitness levels/abilities, exercise preferences, injuries, pre & post natal, menopause and more.

You’ll be given a personalised & customisable meal plan for your goals which you can easily follow with meals from our recipe bank.

Alongside this, you can use our Daily Planner to monitor your calories and exercise to get even more accurate results.

We also offer nutrition support via our most popular nutrition course called The Diet Coaches. This course also includes PDF’s, weekly tasks, Q&A’s and more!

All of our nutrition content is also suitable for all dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free and more.

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