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Stay fit and strong during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Safe pre & post natal workouts for every fitness level
  • Weight management during & after pregnancy
  • Pregnancy & postnatal diet
  • Get healthy to conceive

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RWL - Results with Baby

Trusted by over 480,000
women mums members

Trusted by over 480,000 women mums members


Hundreds of workouts for every trimester and postnatal stage

Join our famous on demand home workout programmes and live sessions. Get results starting from just four 20 minute workouts each week.

Never feel alone with a community of mums just like you

Forge genuine connections with fellow women in the same pregnancy or postpartum phase as you. Connect with experts, and freely share your unique journey in a warm and supportive community.

RWL - Results with Baby
RWL - Results with Baby

Designed for your entire journey

From conception to pregnancy to post-partum, we have programmed everything you need to move with confidence at any stage of your journey.

Fueling food

Keep your body fuelled with foods that give you energy & nourishment while helping you maintain a healthy weight

Empowering workouts

Whether you are a cardio lover, strength fiend or dedicated yogi, we’ve made sure you don’t miss our on your favourite workout style in any trimester or postnatal

Unlimited access to experts

Midwifes, Lactation consultants, sleep experts, PTs – whatever you need answering, we have you covered

RWL - Results with Baby

A plan that changes with you through pregnancy into motherhood

Unlock your ultimate pregnancy & postpartum toolkit today!

RWL - Results with Baby

Expertise you can trust, for results that last long term.

Our team of over 40 personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches and medical professionals are here for you.

Approved by the NHS app library

RWL - Results with Baby

Everything you need, FREE for 7 days

Everything you need, FREE for the first 7 days

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7 days for

Get access to everything for FREE for 7 days. Sample your first workout, meal and resource straight away.

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Your personalised plan

From your trimester, favourite workouts and food preferences, your dashboard is all about you.


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Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 a month.


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Everything you need, FREE for the 7 days

Everything you need, FREE for 7 days

Step 1

7 days for FREE

Get access to everything for FREE for 7 days. Sample your first workout, meal and resource straight away.

Step 2

Your personalised plan

From your trimester, favourite workouts and food preferences, your dashboard is all about you.


Step 3

Then £19.99 a month

Once you start seeing results, make a commitment to yourself for one all inclusive cost of £19.99 a month.


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Can you ever be “fully prepared” for your first baby?

No matter how much nesting you do, how many things you buy for the nursery or how many times you say “we’re just ready for the baby to come now”... becoming a new parent is a crazy ride

And while everyone finds their feet in their own way, it can feel like a lifeline when you have access to expert support when you need it

Results With Baby isn’t just a fitness platform. We support our postpartum families with literally EVERYTHING they could need to get through the begining of parenthood

- Midwife support
- Pelvic Floor Rehab
- Breastfeeding experts & courses
- Weaning guide and recipes
- Baby sleep support and guides
- Baby first aid course
- Postpartum recovery
- Allergy support & expert guidance
- White noise
- A huge community of mums to support you

Support yourself with 24/7 access to expert support that will give you the confidence to do the hard bit

Sign up now for just £1 - click the link in our bio
Using weights during pregnancy is an amazing way to keep you body strong and fit ready for labour

Not only is it safe, weight training is incredibly effective in every trimester

Results With Baby is passionate about helping mum-to-be find the confidence to use weights at home

The app has strength workouts for every single trimester, no matter what your ability level

Sign up today by clicking the link in our bio
Two boys? Two girls? 

We love a gender reveal, but we LOVE LOVE a twin gender reveal

And the grandparents-to-be reaction in this one is enough to melt your heart!

Thanks @jacobscharlie for letting us share

Results With Baby is there from the moment you discover you are pregnant, through every trimester, your postpartum recovery, and your journey beyond

Sign up today for fitness, diet, hypnobirthing, expert support and a huge community of mums

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Knowing that what you are going through is “normal” is SO underestimated in how it helps us cope with motherhood

We literally could not have gotten through the first year without other mums on the same journey as us

“Is your baby not sleeping either?”
“Is breastfeeding meant to hurt?”
“How do you get your baby to nap?”
“Weaning... where the hell do you start?”

The relief you feel when you hear that others are having similar struggles is unreal

Results With Baby is a fitness & wellness app for mums with a huge community hub

Discuss night feeds, postpartum recovery, weaning, sleep deprivation, baby milestones - all in a safe and supportive environment

Join today for just £1 by clicking the link in our bio
It can feel impossible... until you look in the right place...

High cost personal trainers or gym memberships that require you to actually leave the house are just not going to work when you're surviving on a maternity leave budget

But that doesn't mean you need to give up on the idea of exercise as a mum

Results With Baby is a fitness and wellness platform created by mums, for mums

Which means it is specifically designed to cater to your needs as a busy, unpredictable-from-one-minute-to-the-next, mum

Quick but effective workouts
All exercise dooeable from home
24/7 access
Expert trainers in pre and postnatal exercise
Hundreds of different workout styles
Huge community of mums to connect with

Join today for full and unlimited access - click the link in our bio to sign up for £1
Pregnant and already thinking about your postpartum recovery?

The truth is the best place to start is now!

Scientific research shows that women who stay active during their pregnancy recover faster and manage their post-partum weight easier than those who don’t

At Results With Baby we know the importance of empowering pregnant women with the knowledge and the workouts to help them stay active with confidence during pregnancy if that’s what the want to do

Home workouts for every trimester, pregnancy diet guidance and expert support 

Join today for just £1 by clicking the link in our bio, or drop us a DM with any questions
Trying to do “educational play” with an 11 month old then… 👀 

Why, why couldn’t it just say “chicken”

Results With Baby - a fitness & wellness platform created by mums, for mums. Because we get it

Join today by clicking the link in our bio

Video credit mamma @y54nne
We all had our opinions on motherhood before we actually entered into it ourselves 👀 

Don’t pretend you didn’t 😉

Results With Baby is a fitness & wellness platform created for mums, by mums. Because we get it! Find your tribe inside our app of likeminded women - click the link in our bio 

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Always felt like all the fitness and diet programmes you see are not created for a busy mum like you?

We hear ya. Thats because most of them aren’t.

We know you have VERY little time
Limited funds 
A whole family to feed
BUT you know how much better everything feels when you have squeezed in some exercise and eaten home cooked food

That’s why our team of experts mums came together to create a home fitness programme specifically for busy mums so you CAN fit it in

This year our New Beginnings 24 programme is already helping hundreds of mums like you prioritise the little bits that you can 

Click the link in our bio to find out more and sign up today!
Think you can’t possibly book yourself on a fitness retreat because you have kids? Think again!

RWL’s @rwlresultsretreats is the ultimate destination for women just like you!

In the beautiful location of Portugal, Results Retreats is the perfect place to refill your cup, refind your fitness and reset your diet while surrounded by other likeminded women 

Book a place with a friend or come alone, our retreats are set up to bring women together on the same journey all while having fun an relaxing along the way

- Three healthy, home cooked meals a day
- Daily guided walks with incredible scenery
- Unlimited fitness classes (strength, cardio, dance, yoga and more)
- Pool plunge
- Life coaching and motivation talks
- Nutrition guidance
- Optional massage therapy 
- BBQ night

To get yourself a place on this years dates, click the link in our bio to find out more
That’s right.... 42,759 burpees a month | AD

Mums, we are everyday athletes!

I know that there are times I sit down at the end of the day and think “why am I so tired, I haven’t even done that much today?”

But in reality I’ve moved non stop, crouching down, picking up toys, lifting kids, carrying shopping, sliding down soft play slides...

So when I manage to muster the motivation to do a home workout, I know that 25 mins is more than enough to give me what I need.

My fitness platform is designed by mums, for mums, because we GET IT!

Support your active lifestyle from home with pilates, yoga, strength and cardio - all designed to help you fit in exercise that will get you results and provide your body with the strength it needs to get through everyday!

Click the link in my bio to sign up today
Stretching during pregnancy is an amazing way to look after your body and prepare it for labour

These stretches can be done safely at any stage of your pregnancy

Save this post to come back to it at any time - especially in those final few weeks as you and your baby prepare for labour

For expert tips, prenatal home workouts, midwife advice, breast-feeding support and a huge community of mums-to-be click the link in our bio and sign up for pregnancy wellness today for just £1
4 high protein lunch ideas for busy mums 

Mums, we know how hard it can be to fit in a nutritious meal for yourself around everything you’re doing for baby / the whole family. Let alone something high protein to keep you fuller for longer, and help you towards those physical goals. 

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. And bonus - they can all be eaten with one hand! 

Take some time on a Sunday to prep head with either our Spicy chicken rice bowl (551 kcals & 51g protein) or Lemon chicken orzo soup (402 kcals & 54g protein) 

Or if you prefer to make your lunch on the day, we’ve got you covered with two of our favourite speedy lunch ideas! Tuna melt toast (349 kcals & 36g protein) or Baked chicken quesadilla (531 kcals & 45g protein)

You’ll find all 4 of these dishes inside the RWL app alongside over 1000 other nutritious, family friendly recipes - click the link in our bio to get started from just £1 today
What needs avoiding when exercising while pregnant?

Comment NYBABY for full answer

Truth is, most exercise is safe, effective and beneficial for mums during pregnancy

Here are the main rules:

🤰🏼Anything with a risk of falling (box jumps etc)
🤰🏼Anything lying on your tummy when you have a bump
🤰🏼Lying on your back too long when you have a bump
🤰🏼Exercising if you feel lightheaded or too hot
🤰🏼Extreme heavy lifting or intensity if you’ve not trained this way before 

Results With Baby is a fitness platform for prenatal mums who want to reap the benefits of exercise in pregnancy

Access now for just £1 by clicking the link in our bio
Postnatal tummy time!

We lose a lot of strength and control in our tummy during pregnancy

But knowing how to build it back up safely and effectively can quickly build your confidence

Results With Baby’s expert postnatal trainers not only know how to help - but they have been through pregnancy themselves, meaning they know exactly how ti feels and are on the journey to recovery with you!

Join now for access too
- Full postnatal programme
- Cardio, strength, yoga, pilates, boxing and dance workouts
- Expert support 24/7
- Diet and nutrition advice
- Tummy exercise to rebuild your core
- A huge community of mums to meet and exercise alongside

Click the link in our bio to join today - we can’t wait to meet you
Ultimate shopping hack if you are pregnant and due this year 

All shops have their beautiful Christmas outfits for babies and toddlers on sale now!

You can save an absolute fortune if you shop now ready for next year. Not only that but you’ll have your first outfit for baby’s first Christmas 🎄🥰

Results With Baby is a wellness platform created for mums by mums 

- Pregnancy fitness 
- Postnatal support
- Postnatal recovery 
- Mum fitness 
- Speedy mum meals
- Parenting hacks 
- Huge community of likeminded mums like you

Join now by clicking the link in our bio
Think it’s too late to start?

It’s not!

We are one week in to the launch of our brand new New Beginnings programme and hundreds of women have been showing you can kick start your fitness journey with us!

This programme was designed to help you ‘fit it in’ - with effective, 25 minute workouts, speedy recipes & access to a community of other busy mums all working towards the same goals 

Just one week in and we’ve already shown our members how to enjoy exercise, fit it into their busy lifestyle AND stay motivated in 2024!! 

- Your fitness & nutrition SORTED
- Made by busy mums, for busy mums
- Home workouts that support your lifestyle
- Weightloss fitness
- Exercise that makes the most of every minute you can spare
- Healthy food that takes a fraction of time to make

🔗 Sign up now by clicking the link our bio to unlock one of our exclusive January offers from just £1
Anyone else have house staff like this...? 😂

We can all feel like we take the lions share of the day-to-day running of the household

And this can leave us feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated and down right exhausted


One thing you don’t have to be is your own personal trainer

Results With Baby is here to make it possible to fit in a workout for YOU alongside all the things you have on your to-do list

Prioritise you, grant yourself some you time and feel damn amazing with our huge selection of short and effective workouts you can follow along in real time - anywhere, anytime

Join Results With Baby today for just £1
4 easy snack ideas for the little ones 

You don’t have to spend unnecessary money on pre-made snacks or spend ages meal prepping snacks for your little ones! These 4 easy snack ideas are nutritionally balanced, delicious & budget friendly 

🍏 Peanut butter & grated apple on a ricecake
🍓Greek yoghurt & crushed berries
🥒Mini cream cheese & grated cucumber sandwiches
🍌Cottage cheese, mashed banana & cinnamon

For more tips and tricks relating to pregnancy and motherhood, follow @resultswithbump 

🔗 Join our community of mums inside Results With Baby today for expert advice, pregnancy and postnatal friendly workouts and 24/7 access to a community of likeminded women - link in our bio

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There isn’t much I recommend to new mums… apart from this!

🤰🏼Results With Baby is designed by mums, for mums and is the ultimate support system for women during pregnancy and into the fourth trimester

Home workouts, expert pre and postnatal training, quick and delicious food and the ultimate mum-specific wellness package

Mums, I can’t stop recommending this app to my friends help them stay fit & healthy on the crazy journey through motherhood

🔗 Join now to start your fitness journey by clicking the link in our bio & save on our quarterly memberships this New Year
It’s a programme that puts an end to “I just don’t have time” and finally puts helping you “fit it in” first 💥 

New Beginnings 24 is a fitness and diet programme that promises results and has been specifically created with busy mums in mind

And people can’t stop talking about it…

- 25 minute workouts that are easy to fit into your day
- Quick and easy meals that feed the whole family and help you lose weight
- Home workouts that make you much more likely to be consistent with exercise
- The no boredom promise. You NEVER do the same workout twice, meaning you are way more likely to want to keep showing up

👉 Click the link in our bio now or comment NB24 in the comments to find out more about this amazing new fitness programme
Mums - I’ll let you into a secret - there IS a way to “fit it in”

I used to be able to workout so easily, wherever and whenever I wanted before I had kids, those days seem a lifetime ago now!
But one thing I am SO grateful for is having the @RWL app throughout my journey as a mum because it’s actually allowed me to keep fitting exercise into my life

This year I have started RWL’s New Beginnings 24 programme - it’s specifically designed for women with little time so it is PERFECT for mums

All the workouts are 25 minutes and all done at home so I can literally fit them in as and when i get the time

Honestly without it there is no way I would have been able to stay active and exercise has been such a huge part of my recovery both physically and mentally

- Your fitness & nutrition SORTED
- Made by busy mums, for busy mums
- Home workouts that support your lifestyle
- Exercise that makes the most of every minute you can spare
- Healthy food that takes a fraction of time to make

🔗 Sign up now by clicking the link our bio and let us help you “fit it in” today!
Mums due this year… any of these take your fancy?

Let us know in the comments 👇 

Join Results With Baby today for just £1 and get unlimited access to pregnancy workouts, nutrition and expert midwive support

Plus join a huge community of women due the same time as you - there’s nothing like pregnancy & mum friends, trust us! 

#mumtobe #babynames #babynamesuggestions
Exercising while pregnant can leave a lot of women feeling like they are complete beginners all over again

Unsure how to move safely, worried about how it could impact their pregnancy and their changing body 🤰🏼

At Results With Baby we not only empower women with the resources to understand their changing bodies, we provide hundreds of full length, real times workouts for every single trimester 

So you can keep enjoying exercise throughout your pregnancy, stick to the styles of training you enjoy, and not only know you are doing something positive for your pregnancy but…

Know that you are able to do something positive for you - without the worry! 

🔗 Join today for £1 for full access
Mums - you can apply for new free childcare from TODAY 🙌

You can register on the Childcare Choices page on the GOV.UK website from today (January 2). 

Free childcare rules will be expanded again in September this year to include parents of children aged nine months to 23 months, for 15 hours a week

This will be increased again to 30 hours for working parents of children under five from September 2025.

To be eligible for 30 hours free childcare - so the additional 15 hours, on top of the standard 15 hours - parents must earn a minimum of the equivalent of 16 hours a week at the national living or minimum wage, but less than £100,000 a year

This applies to both parents, if you’re in a couple, as well as single parents

Results With Baby empowers mums with home workouts that actually fit into your day

Diet that’s quick easy and fits in with family mealtimes

Expert support and tips

Sign up today from just £1 - click the link in our bio
MUMS, this is the programme you’ve been waiting for | AD

Designed specifically with busy mums in mind, NEW BEGINNINGS 24 is a fitness & diet programme formulated by experts to get those with little free time - big results

- Quick 25 minutes workouts you can do anytime, all from home

- Speedy, easy meals that you & the whole family can eat - so no need to cook two meals!

- A huge community of other women just like you to motivate & support you along the way

If not now then when? This is your sign to finally do something for you & refind your fitness with RWL

Join today for £1 - click the link in my bio to secure this offer & get started
The date is: International smug pregnant lady day

New Year’s Day is one of them!! Not only do you wake up without a hangover, you also wake up with ability to finally say “I’m having a baby THIS YEAR” 🤩

#mumtobe #2024baby #newyearsday
There are a few days of the year it feels good to be pregnant 👀

A mumover has all the defining characteristics of a hangover but alongside the nausea/lethargy/regret/anxiety the sufferer has to pretend the symptoms are non-existent and spend the day parenting while trying not to vomit...

#pregnancy #mumtobe #newyearsday
Mums - this is your sign that fitness & diet IS for YOU this New Year

RWL’s New Beginnings 2024 programme is designed by experts with busy mums, short on time, at the forefront of their planning

- Short, but incredibly effective, 25 minute workouts
- Quick, tasty meals the whole family can enjoy with you
- A meal plan that helps you lose weight - without small portions
- Weight loss guaranteed
- Fitness you will love

Comment NB24 below to find out how we can help you fit it in this New Year

Or click the link in our bio to sign up now!

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When you host a party but still want to get a good nights sleep…

Because you know the baby is going to be up in a few hours!!

Results With Baby is a wellness platform for mums. Created by mums who get it.

Join now for home workouts, nutrition, diet, and parenting/wellness support
Mums - this is your reminder that fitness IS for YOU

RWL’s brand new fitness & diet programme NEW BEGINNINGS 24 is designed specifically with mums in mind so you can get fit and lose weight with that little time you have for yourselves

- Short but highly effective workouts
- Quick, easy & low calorie meals

You belong firmly in the fitness world - because god knows you need all those benefits of exercise more than anyone else

- Boost your energy
- Improve your mental health
- Lose weight
- Clear your mind
- Improve confidence
- Build strength
- Better ability to deal with stress
- Better sleep
- Stronger core strength

Sign up for New Beginnings today - click the link in our bio to sign up 

Or comment NB24 to find out more
This time of year can be incredibly difficult for new mums

Everyone is talking about getting fit, eating healthily, getting lots of sleep and looking after themselves

And you are left feeling completely abandoned by the wellness industry at a time you feel you need them the most

Not by us

Results With Baby knows that this is the time of year it’s important to reach out to new mums and say “are you ok hun...?”

While everyone else is sorting their lives out - do not feel you need to be doing the same!

Our platform has a huge range of expert support especially for mums in the postpartum period

Breastfeeding support, sleep support, pelvic floor rehab, speedy mum meals, weaning advice, meditations

PLUS a huge community of mums to chat to and offload to whenever you need them

Our full postnatal fitness programme is available for mums who have past their 6 week check up - ready to help you rehab, and get back your fitness after baby

Click the link in our bio to join today from £1
Mums - here’s why it’s normal for it to feel near impossible to fit in exercise 🤯 

Unlike the rest of them, you can’t workout when you feel a surge of motivation or when it’s most convenient

You have to workout when you suddenly stumble upon some time 

And then you have to spend a portion of that time tidying up a space big enough to workout in! 

But know this - it’s not impossible. You can & you will 💪 

We’re here to help with RWL’s New Beginnings 2024 programme - quick, effective, workouts designed specifically for busy mums like you to kick start their fitness with home workouts that fit easily into their lives

📱 We’re here with fitness at your fingertips when you need it - click the link in our bio to start from £1 today 

#busymum #homeworkouts #fitmum #motherhoodunplugged #2024goals
Mums! 📣 

Show the fitness industry the finger and get fit, healthy and reach your weight loss goals with home workouts and programmes designed specifically for busy parents like you

- 20-25 minute workouts that make the most of your time

- Easy-to-follow diet plans with recipes the whole family can eat

- Industry leading PT’s that keep you consistent & motivation high

- Support from a community of like-minded women

It really is that simple! Choose a fitness & diet programme that has your lifestyle as a busy mum in mind.

RWL’s New Beginnings 2024 programme is ready and waiting to welcome you and help you re-find fitness and a healthy diet so you can finally start taking care of yourself - launching on 1st January 2024! 

🔗 Click the link in our bio to join from just £1
Anyone relate.... ?

Tag a mum who will appreciate this! 👇

Results With Baby - created by mums who get it 

Join today from just £1 - realistic support with home fitness, quick & healthy meals, tips & support on managing mum-life while also looking after YOU

🔗 Click the link in our bio to join us

#motherhoodunplugged #breastfeeding #mumlife
Mums, returning to fitness when you have kids can feel like an impossible task

But when you find the right programme, that puts your needs as a time poor, always-on-the-go mum, first, it can be the reason you’ve needed get started

RWL’s New Beginnings 2024 programme is exactly that:

- Short workouts that make the most of your exercise time
- Quick & easy diet plan
- Home workouts to keep you consistent
- Full body exercise to maximise your results
- Huge community of women just like you
- No joining fees

Honestly, if there is one thing you do this New Year, it’s take advantage of this programme because the changes you’ll see will surprise you, but the fact that you manage to actually do it will surprise you even more

Click the link in our bio to secure your space today from as little as £1
Pregnant? That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on New Year fitness 🤩 

Results With Baby has the UK’s biggest range of prenatal workout styles to get you excited about fitness in 2024… 

HIIT & LIIT for cardio lovers
Walk to the beat workouts
Ball workouts

Keep fit, build strength and manage your weight while pregnant - and do it all with our expert guidence

Join today for £1 - click the link in our bio to secure your space or comment NYBABY below to find out more 👇
Asking for a friend 👀 

#boxingday #motherhood #parenting
Transform your leftover Christmas Turkey and veg into these tasty, samosa inspired parcels 😍 

They’re combined with fresh and dried spices and baked until golden and crispy 👌 Experiment with the combination of spices to create parcels that you and your little ones will love!

🔗 Unlock thousands of nutritious, family friendly recipes on RWL from £1 - link in our bio 

#christmasleftovers #leftovers #turkeyrecipes #rwlfitties #christmasfood #healthyliving #partyfood #familyfood #december
From our family to yours, Merry Christmas 🎄

To all our lovely mums and mums-to-be, have the most wonderful festive period

Remember - you’ve got this! Love us all at Results With Baby
It doesn’t matter how amazingly supportive and loving your family/friends/partner are, being the default parent can be incredibly tough because, no matter how others want to help, the truth is, your baby relies 99% on you for their safety and wellbeing

Christmas has such a huge build up as being a magical time to have a baby

But the reality of having to spend your Christmas Day thinking solely about the needs and wants of another, while everyone else around you is enjoying time off and relaxation can feel overwhelming and - annoying....

Just know, it’s normal to feel resentment

You feel like it’s unfair that everyone else gets to enjoy having a baby around without any of the mental and physical load

Know that your feelings are valid. And that your baby appreciates it more than you will ever know

They only really want to spend Christmas with you. And while that’s a just a tad (a lot) frustrating... it’s what this Christmas is going be

If you relate - comment your feelings below
1 more sleep 😬🎅🏻 

Have we been good enough this year?! 👀 

#christmaseve #rwlfitties #motherhood
MUMS, it’s time to let us help you ‘fit it in’

New Beginnings 2024 is the ultimate programme for busy mums with little time

Designed by experts, this is fitness that fits into your lifestyle & gets you results

• Short 25 minute workouts you do from home
• Speedy, low calorie meals that the whole family will love
• A huge community of mums to connect with & support you

This really is the New Year programme you’ve been waiting for, and you can make that step towards finally doing something for you - today

Secure your place on New Beginnings 2024 today from just £1

Click the link in our bio or comment NB below to find out more
Can anyone relate?! 👇

#christmascountdown #christmasday #parenting
So many people assume I spend hours in the gym with a personal trainer 

When I tell them I do all my exercise at home, usually in my living room, often with the kids around, they either don’t believe me, or say “how?!”

I love being able to share that my exercise is squeezed in amongst work and mum life - at home - because it’s genuinely the only way I stay consistent and it’s what I’ve been doing for 10 years now

A huge bonus of working out at home is also that my kids see my exercising

Yes, sometimes it doesn’t always go to plan BUT often they watch, or ask questions and sometimes they join in, and when they do, it reminds me how important it is that they see that I take time for me, and that I move my body

This was last week with my youngest and she copied me for ages, I just managed to capture this last bit and I absolutely love it!

Mammas, I know it’s tough to fit exercise in, but RWL is a life saver. It is designed specifically for busy mums like us, with short but really effective workouts you can do anywhere, anytime

Click the link in the bio to find out more and join from just £1

I’ll see you in there!
Mums we feel you! 

Along with all the festive joy of winter comes a shed load of bugs and viruses 🦠

Patience can be hard to muster up when you and your little one have passed a week with what feels like ZERO sleep

But it can helpful to have a little reminder that this won’t last forever, you’ve got this!

We asked RWL Mindset Coach & Mum Andrea, for top mindset tips for coping when the kids (and maybe you!) are unwell…

1️⃣ It’s so hard as a mum but this is the time to ask for help from friends, family, or your partner. Share responsibilities to help you get some rest

2️⃣ Whenever your baby is sleeping, try to prioritise your own rest. This doesnt have to be sleep, but resist the urge to catch up on chores. Try and sit, lie on the sofa or take a nap to recharge.

3️⃣ Connect with other parents who may be going through similar experiences. Sharing tips and experiences can provide emotional support and practical advice.
4 Look after your nutrition. It can feel like you just want to eat beige foods and sugar, but taking care of your nutrition with fruit and vegetables (soups are a great one) will keep your nutrition in check and really help keep your energy levels up too which is super important for your mindset.

Remember, it’s normal to feel exhausted, and taking care of your well-being is crucial for both you and your baby. If sleep deprivation becomes overwhelming, consider consulting with your healthcare provider for additional guidance

🔗 Join today for £1 - click the link in our bio. Results With Baby - Because we’re mums who get it
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RWL is the UK's leading online wellness platform since 2013. We are one of the only wellness apps with a CE Mark and are approved by the NHS official App Library, making RWL a Class 1 Medical Device.
RWL - Results with Baby
Class 1 Medical
RWL - Results with Baby
Approved by NHS
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